Cashing Out

OTC transactions are available via The Blue Diamond Exchange LLC. in Oregon a Federally registered MSB. Call Mark at 541-955-2985


Trade in Gold or Silver: Trading from bitcoin to gold or silver offers the investor many advantages in privacy they may not otherwise have.

Lock all your bitcoin in at one price without fighting market forces: When buying or selling large quantities of BTC,  price moves can be extreme.  Those moves are not generally in your favor and often negate any savings in fees you may experience while cashing out.

No frozen or locked accounts: When you make your first withdrawal online you may trigger compliance audits, this often results in the freezing of your account(s) while you provide proof of income. This can be a difficult task because you need to prove the type of incoming cash flow is normal for your account. This is challenging for new millionaires.

Less Paperwork: Dealing with clients in a face to face environment offers a strategic advantage over doing so online.