EOS Still #1, Bitcoin Goes Up in Latest Chinese Crypto Rankings

EOS proves to be among the most favorite cryptocurrencies of the Chinese market. For eight consecutive months, EOS has maintained its number one spot in China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index. The first cryptocurrency ranking was released by the Chinese government in May of 2018. This latest edition in January of 2019 shows that EOS is truly a crowd favorite when it comes to the best digital coins in the Chinese market.

Although Ethereum was originally first in the CCID ranking during the initial release of its evaluation index last year of May, ETH still hasn’t successfully overtaken EOS in the top spot. Ethereum retains its second position from December 2018 to January 2019.

A new cryptocurrency, Ontology, is gradually showing its power in the Chinese audience by jumping from the fourth rank last month to the third in this latest edition. Ontology could have overtaken GXChain in the third spot due to CCID’s recognition of its outstanding application and effective technology.

Other favored coins by the Chinese audience are GXChain in the fourth spot, BitShares in the fifth, NULS in the sixth, NEO in the seventh, Nebulas in the eighth, Komodo in the ninth, and Steem in the tenth spot. There are 24 other cryptocurrencies included in the list such as Ripple in the 20th place which was recently reported to be partnering with a Chinese university for blockchain research scholarships.

What is notable in the latest assessment is the jump of Bitcoin from lower positions to a relatively higher rank this time. Although Bitcoin hasn’t really been part of the top 10 list during the May 2018 release, it seems that Bitcoin has since continuously slid down the ranking. Presently, BTC is now positioned in the 15th spot coming from 18th last month.

The CCID’s Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index is considered to be a reliable analysis of existing digital coins by the Chinese government. The rankings are done according to the categories of innovation, basic technology, and applicability. Despite the crackdown on digital currencies, ICO activity and blockchain development seem to be increasingly growing in the country.


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