Modern Crypto World Sees an Increase in Trolls/ Male B**ches

By Jackson Manning

In the early world of Bitcoin, the crypto space was a tight-knit community and there were less than a few thousand players. Rarely when a new service provider came online did anyone troll or hound him/her or even ask for his credentials. In fact, back then, the fewer credentials the better. This did open the space to fraud (think Mt. Gox), but it did lead to hyper growth as well. The benefits were far better than the risks. The hyper fear & control culture of modern bitcoin does not allow legitimate smaller players to actually enter the market as easily as they once did. Even bigger players have been harassed on forums like reddit or bitcointalk not because they are doing something wrong, but because they were doing anything at all. Try posting a story as a newcomer with a product, instead of asking questions about your business and plans with bitcoin (not alt-coins as 90% of those are scams and rightfully trolled), the first questions are not questions at all, but simply accusations and downvotes. There will be no research with this trolling, just accusations.  Then came the big players. The big market guys came into the game and wanted to control who can buy BTC and who can sell BTC. They wanted to centralize the on-ramp of bitcoin, instead of crying foul the new male bitches (girls don’t really troll as much unless they are suffering an imbalance)  and trolls got behind Gemini and Coinbase and could care less about the expansion of the market and its decentralization as long as they made money. They want moon or Lambo, they daytrade and give a damn about the purpose. If you prefer Coinbase over Kraken or the think bitlicense gives legitimacy or have ever asked someone if they are registered with FinCEN might look in the mirror and ask if you should be in the stock market instead of crypto. If that is the case lets hope you get washed out soon. This is the difference between crypto bros and blockchain pros. We are seeing mostly crypto bros these days. They don’t care about bitcoin, they just want to see the gains. The upside of this current washout is many of them will leave the space and hopefully not come back.

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