BTCC Mint Discontinued Physical Bitcoins Go for Record Prices

Bobby Lee, the co-founder of BTCC which was once the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, recently announced on his twitter page the sale of physical Bitcoins in China at record prices. The auction started on November 12 in his home country where investors simply did not miss the chance to get a hold of such a rare commodity.

Among those that were auctioned was a roll of black 100K-bits Bitcoin chips that was produced in 2016 by BTCC Mint and with serial numbers B00481-B00500. The roll which consists of 20 chips was sold for a sky-high value of 5.3 BTC. Another amazing deal that was closed during the auction was the sale of a limited edition 6-color signature set of 2016 Bitcoin chips with matching serial numbers for a tremendous amount of 3.2 BTC. Even a purple 500K-bits of 2016 Bitcoin chip was sold at auction for a record price of 1.27 BTC during that night.

BTCC Mint announced in October they would discontinue the sale and production of physical bitcoins. Their store page indicates that the coins are still available to US customers at

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