BTCC Mint Offers Physical Bitcoins in the US

BTCC Mint Offers Physical Bitcoins in the US

BTCC, once the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform and China’s first ever crypto exchange site, now opens the market of physical bitcoin ownership to digital coin enthusiasts and investors in the US. The company has just released its newest 2018 V-Series physical crypto coins that come in denominations of 1 BTC and 1/10 BTC. They are available through their US distributor a friend and business partner Mark Hutto who manages the Blue Diamond Exchange, LLC. Blue Diamond also offers OTC cash out and cash in services to larger bitcoin investors. Here is the tweet from Bobby Lee early this morning referring US buyers to the site.

Acquiring a coin or fractional coin from BTCC Mint is similar to getting only the freshest produce from the cryptocurrency market. These pristine physical bitcoins have no prior transaction history because they come straight from newly mined block rewards. This service is unique to BTCC.

Why do you have to get a BTCC Mint physical bitcoin if every transaction made on the blockchain is permanently recorded on a public ledger?

BTCC bitcoins require no technical skill, they are essentially cold storage from a trusted source. Their temper-proof seals on the physical bitcoins keep the value safe until it is broken and revealed. BTCC China also has links where you can check the amount of bitcoin on your physical coin. Of the 4 million bitcoin missing, practically all of them were on digital devices or exchanges. Those who hold their bitcoin in cold storage do not face these issues. There is also a collectability advantage with physical bitcoins. An eBay search shows the asking price for such coins from 2016 are significantly higher than their retail prices. This is mostly due to limited supply and high demand.


Bobby is featured with Mark in the following video:

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